Singer Reimagined became a reality thanks to a deep belief in the value of personal relationships and human trust. We aim at a similar relationship with our customers. Our vision is to drive a highly personalized customer experience and to redefine conventional thinking around watch market.

Singer Track1 Hong Kong Edition
Watch retail price 44’500 CHF
(before VAT and local taxes)

Thank you for your interest in Singer Track1 Hong Kong Edition. Your reservation will be confirmed upon availabilities.

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Our timepieces can be purchased either at one of our retailers or ordered directly through us. Worldwide shipping and insurance are included in the price. Each model can be personalized customizing the strap or the buckle.


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Once we receive a filled copy of the Commission Request Form we check the availability and send you a copy of the form for signature. A timepiece will be provisionally allocated to you. We will then personally get in touch with you and provide you with wire transfer instructions for a 50% deposit.

Your provisional allocation will become a confirmed allocation once we receive your 50% deposit. Your deposit need to be received within five working days in order to secure your allocation.