Singer Reimagined


Geneva – January 2019

SINGER REIMAGINED was created in 2017 to reimagine high- watchmaking, combining obsessive attention to detail, unique perspectives and a love for the iconic sport watches of the 1960s and 1970s.


For its second creation, Singer Reimagined follows the same formula of creating a highly-practical timing function that prioritises readability.

Flytrack Concept Watch lays the foundation for a new kind of tool watch allowing for basic, straight-forward time keeping. It captures the essence of the chronograph, on demand as you need it.

Presented during the 2019 Geneva watch week as a concept watch, the Flytrack Collection will make it to market later thisyear. It provides yet another illustration of the brand’s mantra,that of an innovation lab committed to reimagining and reinventing horological functions in a user-friendly way.


The Singer Reimagined Flytrack Concept Watch is powered by an innovative movement with a clear focus on functionality. Designed for continuous action, its unique flyback seconds allows for the consecutive measurement of short time intervals – lap times, average speed or acceleration time on a race track.

With only a single push of a button, the sweep second hand can be returned to zero and restarted. It will do so the instant the push-piece is released, thus enabling you to begin retiming precisely and quickly without needing to press pushers three times in succession to stop, reset and re-start the chronograph.

It can also be used for precise time setting, allowing the wearer to zero and instantly restart the second hand at the beginning of a minute, thus perfectly synchronizing the watch.


As with Singer Reimagined’s first opus, the Flytrack Concept Watch aims at radically enhancing performance, functionality and legibility. Focusing on the essentials, it features a central display of the minutes and seconds while the hours are indicated at the periphery via an arrow shaped indicator on a rotating ring. Highlighted in striking orange, the passing seconds can be read with just a glance.

Unprecedented in the watch industry, the concept required the development of a completely new movement. Its sophisticated architecture allows the second hand to be disengaged, while a heart shaped cam brings it back to the zero position. Developed with Agenhor, the hand-wound Flytrack caliber comprises more than 300 components. It operates at 21’600 vibrations per hour and can store up to 52 hours of power reserve.


Flytrack retains the same stylish design as Track1, creating a distinctive brand signature. With clean, dynamic lines, the barrel- shaped case features a round opening. 43 mm in diameter, it comes in lightweight grade 5 titanium. Its slightly domed push-piece at 2 o’clock allows for easy resetting of the seconds, evenwhen driving. For enhanced ergonomics, the crown is integratedinto the case band at 4 o’clock.


Singer Reimagined was born from the encounter between Marco Borraccino Italian watch designer and entrepreneur and Rob Dickinson, Founder and creative Director of Singer Vehicle Design. The company was created to reimagine high- watchmaking, combining obsessive attention to detail, unique perspectives and a love for the iconic sport watches of the 1960s and 1970s. The duo was soon joined by master watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht who would provide a revolutionary chronograph movement to power their first opus, Track 1 – with Hong Kong Edition voted ‘Best Chronograph’ at the 2018 GPHG, the Oscars of watchmaking, its first opus has redefined the chronograph functionality. Enabling a centralized chronograph display, its revolutionary movement, the Agengraphe, goes beyond the limitations imposed by preceding mechanisms.


  • Woty Awards 2017
    Poland – Track1 – Innovation prize
  • Woty Awards 2017
    Poland – Track1 – Watch of the year
  • Salon Internacional de Alta Relojeria 2018
    Mexico – Track1 – Best Chronograph
  • Grand Prix D’Horlogerie de Geneve 2018
    Switzerland – Track1 – Best Chronograph


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Article by Silvana Molaro