Singerreimagined Chronographs

“A new independent brand can be compared to a teenager: big dreams, enthusiasm, energy and tons of crazy friends.”


So here we are! Each day we must strive for constant and never-ending improvement, we try not to limit our challenges but challenge our limits.

This is the story of the Barton 7 Showroom and how this happened:

One year ago, in Geneva Rive Droite, when our Founder and Designer Marco Borraccino, back home from a meeting with Atelier du Bracelet, passed in front of Espace FERT, the imposing character of the building and purity of the interior designs has caught his attention and he secretly thought “What an amazing venue for an event!”

Espace FERT Barton 7


Few months later, Singer Reimagined team started brainstorming to find a nice spot where to exhibit their novelties during Geneva Watch Week in January 2019. We have asked for quotations for suites in the most prestigious hotels in Geneva. Although, some of these options were interesting and tempting, they seemed old-fashioned and presented a luck of originality. We were simply not convinced!

We were snowed under visits to common venues, coffee cups and pressure, then Marco had a flashback and remembered that amazing space he saw not far from Kempinski Hotel. Obviously, memoire has its boundaries and he forgot the name. We had to rely on his descriptions and went to explore the area and try to find out more about the famous space he was talking about… Thank God Geneva remains a human-sized city, and we managed to find Espace FERT in no time. Once in front of the venue, we suddenly felt overwhelmed, excited and joyful like kids in a Lunapark.

We imagined the interior decoration, the cocktails, the music, the laughs, the interviews, the backwall… in short, we started dreaming But reality dictates that we must issue with the fact that the 400 squared meters of Espace FERT was too big for our tiny but energetic brand. It would have been a waste of space.

Then we have got a bee in our bonnet about inviting other independent brands who were seeking for new ideas to develop and to present their collection during the SIHH week.

We wondered: Why don’t we try to team-up and get this done together?!

And this is how Barton 7 showroom was born!

Being a bunch of very creative brands, we would rose more interest for journalists and collectors. Best Chronograph Prize Winner Singer Reimagined invited 7 other high watchmaking brands like Krayon (also a winner at the last edition of the GPHG 2018), Karoshi, Ludovic Ballouard, Antoine Preziuso, Anonimo, Beauregard and Claude Meylan.

The idea was received with great enthusiasm and we started working together. Forces were joined to split costs and to find sponsors to make the event a success.

We are starting something new, we are convinced that it will be an amazing experience! At least, we are trying to think outside the box and to suggest new ways of exhibiting and to create a real event where people could discover about our brands in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Being 8 brands is a coincidence, in Chinese culture this number is a lucky one. Fingers crossed this would bring us chances to emerge from the shadows of well-established giants!

Choosing Espace FERT was an evidence, not only for its close proximity to the most prestigious hotels where all journalists and collectors stay during SIHH Week but also for its incomparable cachet and its unique and exclusive location right on Geneva’s waterfront, facing the famous Jet d’Eau.

What distinguishes this 400m2 Art Gallery is, the light that comes from the central glass roof. Generosity in volumes and immense luminosity brings such a comforting feeling. It is elegant without being ostentatious, in other words the perfect spot for high watchmaking exhibition. Nice parquet, high ceilings and large windows…Should we say more?

Let’s make this just a sneak peek, we won’t ruin the surprise…

We are convinced this will please all of you. We must not forget to thank all our partners who contributed and supported us to organize this event.
No opening party is possible without bubbles, delicatessen and as we are in Switzerland CHOCOLATE!

We thank Champagne Deutz for the bubbles, Monte Bianco for the amazing buffet and le Tristan for his watch sculpture entirely made with swiss chocolate. More people came to support us, Bernard Garo, a famous Swiss painter has decided to decorate the magnificent walls with his original paintings, Atelier du Bracelet our beloved supplier suggested to install a beautiful corner with all the different leathers and skins they use for the craft of their exceptional watch bracelets and as no morning can be faced without a warm cup of coffee we considered the offer of Dallmayr with a big smile.

The count-down has begun. 13th January is our D-Day, we can’t wait to welcome our partners, clients and friends, who truly believe that one must dare to be great.

Action is the foundational key to all success!

We hope to welcome you to our concept showroom and to enjoy valuable time together.

See you on January 13th for the Grand Opening Brunch!